Learn Android Studio in 2 hours

Get up to speed with the main Android development IDE by Google, Android Studio.

Get up to speed with the latest Android IDE developed by Google. We are covering tips, tricks, customization of the UI, main functionality and lot of other things.

Don't be left behind, use the latest and greatest tools to develop Android Applications.

This course will introduce you to the Android Studio world and Android programming in general. Want to become an Android developer? Start by learning the tools of the trade in order to achieve your goal faster.

Already an Android developer? Learn the No.1 Android IDE today in order to gain new skills and develop Android applications faster. By taking this course you will be able to develop Android applications more efficiently while using the main Android IDE.

Forget about Eclipse, Android Studio is the new Android IDE in town! Beginner to advanced user topics will be covered starting with the main UI components to the Version Control Systems like Git.

Start by creating your first Android application with Android Studio. At the end of the course you will be able to generate the release version of your app in order to publish it on the Google Play Store.

Stop wasting time! Learn the nitty-gritty of Android Studio today!

Intended Audience: Android developers, mobile developers

What is Android Studio ?
Installing Java JDK on Windows
Installing Java JDK on Mac OS X
Downloading and installing Android Studio
Updating Android Studio
Installing Additional Components
Creating and Running your first App
Navigating the Project Panel
Customizing the User Interface
Working with emulators and real devices
Importing Non-Android Studio projects
Menus and toolbars
Searching for files and content
Other Android Studio tools and Windows
Playing with Windows
Gradle build process and dependecies
Installing Git on Windows
Create a GitHub account and repository
Pushing the project on GitHub
Restoring a project from GitHub
Creating and refactoring new classes and packages
Debugging the application
Building the release version of your App
Where to go from here?

What's included

  • 24 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Cristian Gradisteanu