Wireless Penetration Testing with Kali Linux & Raspberry Pi

Use this small but powerful Raspberry Pi device in order to perform pen testing on your network or for clients.

*** This course will be updated to discuss Operating Systems vulnerabilities and how to respond to hacker attacks. The update will be release in September 2015. Enroll the course NOW while the price is still low. ***

Are you into network security or just want to get started in this field?

This course is an excellent introduction to Network and Systems security.We will use a Raspberry Pi device throughout this course but you can also follow along by installing Kali Linux on your computer, a process described in the course also.

Ever wanted to know how hackers are breaking into your network and what you can do to stop them? Then this course is right for you!

We will play the role of a Pen Tester or White Hat Hacker in order to discover network and system vulnerabilities and then see how we can protect against them.Scan your network for vulnerabilities before hackers are taking action against your system.Learn how to protect against common vulnerabilities that are present in Operating Systems and how to better understand how Computer Security works.

Don't be caught off-guard and protect your network before hackers discovers the vulnerabilities in your system.

Take action today!

Course Introduction
Hardware Requirements
Downloading and installing Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi
Downloading and installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox on Windows
Downloading and installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox on Mac OS X
Connecting to Kali Linux for the first time - VirtualBox
Connecting to Kali Linux for the first time - Raspberry Pi
Updating Kali Linux
Setting up your wireless adapter
Bypassing Hidden SSIDs
Bypassing MAC Address filtering
Bypassing Shared Key Authentication
Bypassing Open System Authentication
Cracking WEP
Cracking WEP with fern-wifi-cracker
Cracking WPA & WPA2
Cracking WPA2 with Wifite and Cowpatty
Connecting to a WPA/WPA2 wireless network
MITM - Man in the middle attack
MITM with Ettercap

What's included

  • 22 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Cristian Gradisteanu